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South Carolina Public Safety Wellness Initiative

Elevating peer support within South Carolina and making your mental health a priority with participating regional peer teams.

SC PeerConnect

Regional peer teams, EMS, Fire, Coroners and Law Enforcement representatives are leading this fully funded two-year pilot initiative for first responders to access peer support at no cost to your department with the click of a button

Every member utilizing the SC PeerConnect app has access to their own trusted custom peer team. With support from these diverse teams, comes 24-hour support to all members - anytime, anywhere.

Commit to requests for peer support

Proactively check-in on your members

Recommend someone for support

About the SC Public Safety Wellness Initiative

Participating Peer Support Teams


Lead by Patti Graham

SC FAST consists of First Responders, EMS, Public Safety and 911 Telecommunications who will deliver the initial Behavioral Health Awareness Training. SC FAST will provide this training to the state’s First Responders, upon request, and will continue to develop a comprehensive plan to develop a statewide Peer Outreach program.

Low Country Support Team

Lead by Gerald Mishoe

The Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team provides an array of services designed to meet the needs of our emergency services personnel and their families. Available support team services include: signs & symptoms information, peer support, crisis intervention, group counseling, training & education, community outreach, etc.

Support 1

Lead by Christopher L. Chavous

Support 1 is a Non-Profit Organization that provides post critical incident stress management training and CISM services to first responders. Their programs are designed to assist first responders with organized training and additional funding for departmental needs before, during, and after critical incidents.

Participating Departments

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Lancaster-EMS-Logo (1)
and many more!

Are you a department representative?

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What the App Can Do for You

Our goal is to have all departments in South Carolina receiving proactive support from SC PeerConnect. With the South Carolina Public Safety Wellness Initiative, we offer quick access to peer support, wellness tools, self-assessment, mental health programming and resources for all state first responders – wherever you are and whenever you need it.

If you are a representative for your department looking for more information and how your department can get involved, register for a meeting today!

Are you a culturally competent service provider?

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List your services in SC PeerConnect

Within SC PeerConnect, we have a dedicated first responder services directory. The new directory is used by over 2,500 first responders and their families to access the resources they need to support their wellness. This includes a culturally aware services section, resource library, events, and a newsfeed. As a service provider, we invite you to list your wellness services (including counseling, retreats, therapies, webinars, clubs/groups and more) to thousands of first responders across the state, at no cost to you. 

If you are interested in creating a self managed profile for your organization, please book an introductory meeting with us below!


To be eligible to be listed as an authorized service provider on the PeerConnect App you must have material or services that you feel match the wellness needs of the first responder community. This can include, but is not limited to providers that have relevant education, experience or professional credentials. Not for profit organizations and those that are dedicated to helping the First Responder community are also welcome.


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